During the 1st Edition of Sleep Expo Europe on April 23rd in Maastricht, our CEO, Tobias Kirchhoff, delivered a presentation titled “Sleeptech: Is It the 'Next Best Thing' or Already a Success Story?”

Tobias shared his expertise on key insights into the evolving world of sleeptech. He discussed market segmentation, the roles of mattresses and pillows, and the integration of sleep science into product development.

Tobias underscored the importance of embracing a science-based approach and highlighted opportunities for mattresses to adapt to technological advancements. He also stressed the need for brands to effectively manage expectations and take science seriously.

Overall, Tobias’s presentation emphasized the transformative potential of sleeptech for the mattress industry, urging brands to invest wisely and deliver scientifically proven solutions to meet consumer needs.

We look forward to witnessing the exciting developments that lie ahead and the positive impact they will have on improving sleep quality for consumers worldwide.