The Variowell Idea


Variowell Prinzip

The elasticity of polyurethane foams is fixed during the manufacturing process by the underlying recipe. It is generally measured as "Stauchhärte"(GER) or Anglo-Saxon "ILD".

These standards describe the elasticity at a certain temperature, among other environmental parameters. These results were sufficient until the introduction of the viscoelastic polyurethane foam. Those had next to the "memory effect" another property the literature describes generally as a disadvantage: These special foams change their elasticity relatively strong with ambient temperature. To avoid this unwanted property the recipes for thermo elastic foams attempt to suppress this behavior or relocate this effect into temperature areas uncritical for the intended application.

The Variowell® principle on the other hand, uses this material disadvantage and converts it into an advantage. The polyurethane foams used were modified so that the thermo elastic property clearly is encouraged. At the same time temperature foils were developed in conjunction with the special polyurethane foam to control the elasticity with high precision.

The precise specification of the foams and foils varies with the specific application. Basic ideas were protected by legal rights and related licensing contracts to ensure a continuous application development.


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