As firm or as soft as you like.... 

Foams are in today's world on the rise. They increasingly replace other materials such as metal springs or natural fillings. In addition, they offer product features, as one previously did not know: Flexible, robust, easy to handle. No wonder that foams for products such as seats, sofas or mattresses were no longer be ignored. New foam types such as HR foam or viscoelastic foams have driven development forward.

Now a new development challenges the foam industry: Intelligent foams with adjustable variable degrees of firmness. These foams - based on a patented principle – can give, if properly configured, consumer products, new interesting characteristics.

To explore the possibilities, the Variowell Development GmbH supports its customers. From the award of licenses, support of R&D to complete products: We at Variowell Development work in partnership and flexible with our customers.


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